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George Michael Klassen was a white man that went on a killing spree against Latinos in Farmington. He was the husband of Myra Klassen and the father of Brady.

Season 1Edit

George was fed up with being surrounded by so many Latinos, so he decided to go on a killing spree, shooting up various areas. The first was a gunshop where several Latinos were practicing target shooting. George entered and started practicing and after shooting some targets, he went booth by booth, shooting everybody. In total, he killed eight people, including a pregnant woman called Lucy, who was the girlfriend of Train Guttierez, leader of The Toros.

George then went on another shooting spree, this time inside a deli market. There, George shot and killed five more Latinos, including Favian, son of Leon, the store owner. However, Leon managed to hit him in the back of the head with a bat and injure him. Along with the other store owners, they took him through the back alley and gave him up to The Toros to be tortured and killed.

After Leon confessed to Vic Mackey what he had done, they realized that George was in danger. Vic and Detective Carlos Zamora found George and his family held hostage by Train. Even though Vic shouted to drop his weapon and let them go, Train still shot George in the head as payback for Lucy's murder. George's wife, Myra, and his son, Brady, were rescued though.


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