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Frida was a medium frequented by Phyllis, who wanted to hear messages from her deceased husband.

Before Season 1Edit

When Phyllis husband died, she started visiting Frida. He brought Phyllis messages from Frank in the afterlife. Phyllis spent thousands of dollars to pay Frida and even took a second mortgage to pay her. Because of this, Phyllis' son, Gene, filed a complaint against Frida with the Los Angeles Police Department. However, it was shelved due to its low priority.

Season 1Edit

When Detective Claudette Wyms convinced Dutch Wagenbach to take a low priority case to take his head off the serial killer, they chose Frida's case at random. After hearing Gene's testimony, they visited Frida and took her to the Barn for questioning. In the meantime, she started telling Dutch personal things about himself and how he yearned for a woman at work. Dutch tried not to pay attention to her labeling her as a phony. As they kept interrogating her, she argued that if Phyllis herself didn't file a complaint, they couldn't do anything to her. However, Claudette warned her that they'll be watching her. When Phyllis and Lenore saw her, they greeted her and embraced her.

Later, Frida commented to Dutch that she was receiving signals from someone called "Sally". Although Dutch pretended to not care about it, he visited her later that night to inquire about the message. Frida told her the message from Sally was not to give up because he was the only one looking for her killer. As Dutch asked for more, Frida invited him to sit.


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