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Francis Valverde, also known as Bumper, was a recovering alcoholic. He had been involved in several gang-related incidents and took a bullet which left him wheelchair-bound.

Season 4Edit

During an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, Francis heard Heidi Prue telling how her husband wanted to get a fake ID. Francis approached her in the parking and told her of someone called Nokey that could help him. Francis then arranged a meeting with Gill in an alley, but Francis ended up shooting Gill in groin and stealing his money. He then used the money to buy a new handicap ramp.

When Gill's wife, Heidi, was questioned by Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms, she told them how Francis had offered to help Gill. Francis was then taken to the Barn for questioning. As they were taking his wheelchair up the stairs, he fell. During the interrogation, he told Dutch about Nokey. When they contacted Nokey, he told them he had prepared the fake ID's but Gill never came to pick them up. Dutch then came up with the invoice for Francis' new ramp incriminating him. Francis then decided to call a lawyer.


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