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Felipe Gomez was a member of the Torrucos gang that worked for Armadillo Quintero.

Season 2Edit

Under orders from Armadillo Quintero and main dealer, Duardo, Felipe started dealing heroin to kids at Truman East Middle School. Working under the assumption that he wouldn't do time for being a minor, Felipe gave a lot of kids free heroin samples. When the police found out about it, Felipe was arrested by the Strike Team at a bar where the Torrucos met. He was then brought to the Barn for questioning.

During interrogation, Felipe assured Detectives Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell that he wouldn't do time because he was a minor. When they told him that doesn't apply if the crime was serious enough, Felipe broke down crying. He then confessed that he was just following orders from Armadillo. When they asked him if he had seen Armadillo, Felipe told them that every deal went through Duardo.

Vic then convinced Captain Aceveda of using Felipe as an undercover informant and Aceveda agreed reluctantly. Vic told Felipe to set a meeting with Duardo to get more heroin. Then, he gave him a cell phone which he would use during the deal to inform when the drugs were visible. Felipe went in and asked Duardo for more heroin. When Duardo got it out, Vic called Felipe at the cell phone to know if the drugs were visible. Duardo pretended the call was from a girlfriend and started putting the heroin in a paper bag. When Duardo noticed he was nervous, he suspected something was wrong and took Felipe's cell phone to see who had called him. Just when he redialed the number, the Strike Team came into the room. However, Vic's phone started ringing revealing to Duardo that Felipe had been talking to Vic. Vic then ordered his men to take Felipe away.

That night, Vic took Felipe with Carlton, a member of the Lancaster Gang Unit that had gotten Felipe a spot on the Clean Slate rehabilitation program. Felipe thanked Vic and left with Carlton.


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