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You may be looking for Eric, Sally Struthers' boyfriend.

Eric was a friend of Andy. He became a meth lab cooker for Manny Sandoval after losing his job.

Before Season 1Edit

Eric and Andy went to college together. When they both lost their jobs, they started looking for ways to make money. Eventually, they got money from drug dealer Manny Sandoval and they built a "home lab" to start cooking methamphetamine.

Season 1Edit

After Manny threatened Eric and his brother to speed up the meth, he began to work furiously to fix the drugs for
1x08 Eric in the Truck

Eric in the truck

him. During the process, the lab he was in exploded. Paul and Andy saw how badly he was injured and, knowing he wouldn't survive, planned to dump his body in the desert to die. Andy rushed down the city in his car, attracting attention from local police squadrons, and crashed his car. Danny and Julien found Eric near death in the truck and took him to the hospital.

According to the doctor, he had 3rd degree burns on over 60% of his body and was going to die. After Paul saw his brother in the hospital in pain, he decided to eventually have the plug supporting his life pulled, and Eric died.


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