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Emanuel Mentoya was a supervisor of parking enforcement officers in Farmington.

Season 2Edit

After Helen Zamorski was shot three times, Detective Dutch Wagenbach and Lanie Kellis went to Mentoya's office to ask about her. Mentoya assured them that Helen was an exceptional officer that usually covered 30% above her quota each month. Lanie then asked him for the bathroom, while Dutch asked him to print a list of everybody she had written a ticket that day, as well as a list of the most outstanding offenders she had dealt with.

As Mentoya started printing the lists, Dutch approached him more informally and asked him if he could fix a $63 parking ticket he had received in front of the courthouse while testifying at a trial. Mentoya reminded him that officers had a parking provided on Grand Avenue, but Dutch complained it was six blocks away. Mentoya then told him he'd have to argue the ticket in court. When Dutch insisted, Mentoya lost his patience and told him firmly that he didn't fix parking tickets and that he should know he wasn't above the law. At this moment, Lanie was walking out of the restroom, so she and Dutch left.


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