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Ellie Ruiz
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Manuel Ruiz - Husband (deceased)


Ellie Ruiz was the nanny of Jorge Machado's children. She was married to Manuel Ruiz.

Before Season 1Edit

Ellie and her husband, Manuel, had frequent fights during which he would leave and then return.

Season 1Edit

Ellie was distressed when her husband, Manuel, disappeared for a couple of days. This prompted her boss, Jorge Machado, to ask Captain David Aceveda for help finding the man. Aceveda then took Ellie to the Barn and asked Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms to take her case.

Dutch and Claudette discovered that Manuel had died in an accident at his job, and that the contractor he worked for, had buried him to hide it. Ellie then asked them if she could sue him for a lot of money, to which they agreed. Ellie then thanked Dutch for helping her.


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