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Dottie Cummings
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Thurman - Son (deceased)


Dottie Cummings was the mother of Thurman.

Before Season 1Edit

Dottie's son, Thurman, was a drug addict and a thief. He was killed while robbing a liquor store, and was buried at a cemetery in Farmington. Dottie used all her life insurance money on the funeral expenses.

Dottie also had a brief relationship with Henry.

Season 1Edit

After Dottie and Henry broke up, the cemetery called her to tell her that her son's body had been stolen. She later received several calls asking for a $10,000 ransom in exchange for the body.


When she called the police, Officers Danny Sofer and Julien Lowe arrived. After realizing they were looking for a dead person, Sofer left but Julien stayed with Dottie. When she received another call, she realized that the caller was her ex-boyfriend, Henry. He was arrested and taken to the Barn.


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