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Dookie was a hustler who stole valuable items from his neighbors and sold them back to them to gain a profit.

Season 1 Edit

An anonymous caller complained that Dookie was illegally stealing peoples items and re-selling them back to their original owners. When Officers Danny Sofer and Julien Lowe showed up, they interrogated Dookie. When they asked him if he had a warrant to sell the stuff, he showed them a document. Danny then asked the neighbors if any of the stuff was theirs, but no one dared to speak up.

Later, they came back to his house once Emily Berry complained to him, saying he stole her microwave and tried to sell it back to her. Dookie told Danny and Julien that it was his, but Emily told them she carved her initials into the back of it. Dookie still told them the microwave was his, until Emily identified a frame with a picture of her posing with her granddaughter, which he was selling as his. Dookie was unable to make up an alibi, and was arrested by Julien.

Appearances Edit

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