"Dawg Days"
1x04 T-bonz-kern-negotiate

April 2, 2002
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"Dawg Days" is the fourth episode of Season 1 of The Shield. It was originally broadcast on April 2, 2002.

Mackey attempts to broker a peace agreement between rival rappers whose feud is spilling into the streets. Danny is attacked after identifying a shooter, Julien helps a woman whose son's body has been stolen, and Dutch and Claudette search for a mission migrant worker. Meanwhile, Captain Aceveda finds a powerful ally in "Kingmaker" Jorge Machado.


1x04 Kern-chez

Kern Little at a record release party in Chez Club.

1x04 Machado meets Aceveda

Jorge Machado meets Captain David Aceveda and his wife Aurora.

1x04 T-bonz-kern-negotiate

Vic Mackey forces T-Bonz and Kern Little to negotiate.

1x04 Mackey and Danny

Vic Mackey talks with Danny.

1x04 Danny and Copkiller

Danny Sofer is threatened.

1x04 Danny and Rondell

Danny confronts Rondell Robinson.

1x04 Mackey and dog

Vic Mackey looks at Tyesha's dog.

1x04 Dutch Claudette and Eduardo

Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms interrogate Eduardo Salcido.

1x04 Digging for Manuel

Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms dig for the body of Manuel Ruiz.

1x04 Matthew and Vic in hospital

Vic Mackey with his son Matthew at the hospital.

1x04 Mackey Kern T-Bonz

Vic Mackey traps rivals Kern Little and T-Bonz inside a container.

1x04 Mackey and Kern wide

Vic Mackey with Kern Little.



Guest starringEdit



Featured MusicEdit

  • "Hyots Aghunak" by Seda Garibyan
  • "Beer" by Trailer Park Casanovas
  • "The Flute Tune" by Push
  • "Rebuttle" by Project 86
  • "One By One" by Jason Darling
  • "Ballad of Joliet" by Bernie Marsden

Episode TitleEdit

The title refers to the feud between rappers Kern Little and T-Bonz, with "dawg" being a common slang word among black people to refer to each other.


  • International airdates:
    • Germany: August 25, 2004
    • France: July 4, 2007
  • This is one of only three episodes of the show to not feature the character of Shane Vendrell. At the time, FX Network and Walton Goggins were still finalizing contract talks, so the writers wrote him out of three episodes in case FX decided not to sign him.
  • Despite being the fourth episode of the show, this was the third episode filmed.
  • Guest director Stephen Gyllenhaal and lead actor Michael Chiklis disagreed over how unsympathetically Vic Mackey should be played. Eventually, Chiklis' view won.
  • Real-life rapper Sticky Fingaz plays fictional rapper Kern Little.
  • Jay Karnes is fluent in Spanish, but it was Shawn Ryan's idea to make his character, Dutch Wagenbach, not fluent and have him "butcher" the Miranda rights while arresting Eduardo Salcido.
  • Vic makes a reference to the famous "Rumble in the Jungle" boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman, celebrated in Kinshasha, Zaire in 1974.
  • After receiving orders from Captain David Aceveda, Vic says "Knute Rockne he ain't" in reference to the popular football coach of Notre Dame during the early 20th Century.
  • When Vic is trying to settle the differences between Kern Little and T-Bonz, they call him "Judge Judy" in reference to the TV judge that appears on CBS.
  • Rondell Robinson is a fan of jazz. He owns a collection of Blue Note LPs, which was a popular jazz record label. He also tells Vic that he was listening to Miles Davis, a jazz trumpeter and composer.


  • Vic Mackey: Dutch, how many times I got to tell you, you can't feel up the witnesses.
  • Dutch Wagenbach: Took one in the ass. Bet it's not...
  • Vic Mackey:'s not the first time. Good one.

  • Jorge Machado: Don't think me overly generous, David. As you'll discover, I often have ulterior motives. You see, you're actually in a position to help me.

  • Kern Little: I told everybody my first studio gonna be in Farmington. You can't record a hardcore hip-hop song working in Bel Air. You got to keep it in the 'hood, baby.

  • David Aceveda: What would you think of a man who exposed corruption? Brought down dirty cops from inside the department?
  • Jorge Machado: I'd think he was committing professional suicide.
  • David Aceveda: But couldn't you sell him to the voters?
  • Jorge Machado: Absolutely.

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