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Crazyhouse was an ex-convict and the boyfriend of Danielle Riggs.

Season 3Edit

After coming out of jail, Crazyhouse returned with his girlfriend, Danielle. He noticed that most of the jewelry he had given her as gifts was missing, so he asked her roommate, Dean Warrison. When Dean told him he had pawned them, Crazyhouse forced him to drive them to the pawn shop where he had taken it.

While inside, Crazyhouse and Danielle shot and killed the owner of the pawn shop and his son. When they ran outside, they found out that Dean had fled. They then carjacked a woman that passed by, killed her and left her baby in the ground.

Afterwards, Crazyhouse and Danielle tried to get rid of the stolen Mercedes Benz through a car broker and his associate, with the promise that they would find them a new car. When they met again at a market, Crazyhouse noticed that they were being followed by the Strike Team, so he took out his gun and pointed it at Danielle. As Shane tried to convince him not to shoot her, Lem managed to get behind him and knock him out. He was arrested and taken to the Barn.


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