A crack house refers to a place or building, usually old and/or abandoned, where drug dealers and addicts buy, sell, produce, and use illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin, and others.

Season 1Edit

When looking for Lonnie Reborg, Claudette Wyms received a tip from Ponyboy Harris that Lonnie might be at a crackhouse in Crescent owned by Monty. Claudette told Vic Mackey, who knew about the place, and he went to pick Lonnie. Mackey had a deal with Monty where he gave Vic information in exchange of a free pass.

After Mackey found Lonnie there, he noticed there were two kids playing in one of the rooms of the crack house. Mackey told Monty to do something about it and he told him that their mothers were buying supplies.

Season 3Edit

Darontay supplied drugs to a crack house in Wilshire. It was near Barbara Hisk's house and she was usually seen taking notes of the people that visited it to report it to the police. When Barbara and her son, Jeff, were murdered, Detective Vic Mackey broke in the crack house with Officer Julien Lowe and questioned the leader of the crack house about the murders.

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