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June 4, 2002
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"Circles" is the thirteenth episode of The Shield and the Season 1 finale. It was originally broadcast on June 4, 2002.

In the aftermath of a riot, cops are being lured into ambush shootings by a rash of bogus 911 calls. Surprisingly Vic and Captain Aceveda must work together to stop these attacks and solve the problems in The Grove, while Assistant Chief Gilroy tries to pit the two against each other to save his own job.


1x13 Riot-squad-2

Riot squad confronting the mob.

As the riot in Farmington worsens, the commander of the riot squad asks Captain David Aceveda if he wants to call in his squad. Detective Claudette Wyms looks at the reluctant Aceveda, but ultimately he agrees. The commander gives the order and, as the squad advances using tear gas, a female civilian falls and is trampled by the mob. The commander receives the information and he reports it back to Aceveda.

On another area, Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer are patrolling when they receive call to Connor and Adelaide. As Danny responds, Officer Paula responds as well. Danny tells her it's their call and then urges Julien to put the lights on so they don't beat them.

1x13 Vic-arguing-corrine

Vic Mackey argues with Corrine.

Meanwhile, Vic Mackey is talking to Lem as his family settles in a hotel room. Vic tells Lem to keep them calm as he prepares to sleep in the couch. At this moment, Corrine walks out of the room and tells Vic that the children are asleep. She then asks him what is wrong. Vic refuses to tell her the details, and she insists. However, Vic just pleads her to stay there with the children.

1x13 Julien-danny-shot

Julien and Danny return fire.

On the streets, Danny and Julien arrive late at the place of the call as they see Paula and Rudy's car. As they get down, Danny sees Paula injured in the front seat. Quickly, Julien calls for back-up as he goes to check Rudy and finds out he's dead. Paula, critically injured, warns Danny that the shooters were above them. In this moment, they start shooting again at them. Danny manages to drag Paula out of the car as Julien shoots back at the buildings. As Danny seeks cover behind the car, she takes her gun as well and shoots, and the shooters stop.

When the back-up arrives, Paula is put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. As she is being taken away, Mackey and Shane Vendrell arrive and ask Claudette what happened. She tells them it was a bogus 911 call meant to lure the officers. Then Aceveda tells him that Rudy was killed, and that Paula was injured, and Mackey asks to deal with the case. Claudette then comes and ells them they traced the 911 call to a cell phone belonging to a man called Cyrus. Vic and Shane arrive at his home as he is eating and arrest him.

After he is taken to the Barn, Claudette starts interrogating him and asks about his cell phone but Cyrus tells her that he lost it. Aceveda then tells him that his phone was used to lure some officers into an ambush. However, Cyrus just tells them that he lost the cell phone. Downstairs, Vic approaches Dutch and asks him if he was still working the Hit-and-Run case and if he had any information on the woman that accompanied the suspect. When Dutch asks him why he's changing his attitude after telling him it was a waste of time, Vic admits he was wrong. Dutch then tells him about Sedona Tellez, an accountant that worked at the LAPD headquarters, but then started buying property in Farmington through a shell company in the Cayman Islands. Dutch also tells him that all the transactions went through the same escrow company, but without a warrant he wouldn't be able to check their documents. Vic asks to check it out and he gives him the file.

As Vic checks on the property files, Shane tells him that they should be trying to find him before he threatens one of them again. Vic advises him that they have to find Sedona and then they'll find Ben, but Shane tells him he probably killed Sedona, and is taking his last breaths, even bringing up the death of Terry Crowley to them. Vic still advises him to stay calm.

Meanwhile, Julien is at the locker room praying when Danny walks in. She apologizes for interrupting him, but sees him trembling. Julien then tells her he's just thankful for not losing his partner last night. She agrees and holds his hand.

Claudette comes back to interrogate Cyrus and tells him that they found out about his scam with wireless companies. They tell him that he has allegedly lost seven cell phones with different wireless companies, and he confesses that he sells them to a Jewish man called Igal. However, he says that he has nothing to do with any murder of cops. In this moment, Dutch walks in and tells Claudette and Aceveda that there's been another shooting resulting in Officers Patrick and Chris being dead.

1x13 Patrick-chris-scene

Street where Officers Patrick and Chris were murdered.

1x13 Vic-witness

Vic Mackey interrogates a witness.

Claudette and Aceveda walk out to the scene, and Claudette notices that they took the badges from the bodies. Meanwhile, Vic and Shane are looking at the crowd, sure that someone there saw something. Shane then starts telling everybody that there's someone who knows about a witness to the murders coming there to identify who it was. When they notice a young man walking away, they pursue him through an alley. When Vic catches him, he refuses to talk. Vic then puts a bag of drugs in his pocket to force him talk. He then confesses having seen three black people shooting and messing with the bodies.

Back at the Barn, Vic tells Claudette and Aceveda that they have a sketch of the shooters. As they are about to copy them, Assistant Chief Ben Gilroy arrives much to the surprise of Mackey and Shane. He starts taking control of the Barn, and ordering Dutch and Claudette to lead the investigation. When Aceveda tells him he was handling it personally, Ben tells him that he has to take control of it after the riot and the shootings. Ben then takes over Aceveda's office and orders Officer Pete to bring him the case file and a cup of coffee. As he is walking away, Vic comes in the office and Ben tells Pete to stand by outside in case he needs him. Vic assures Ben that he'll have to do something after he threatened his family. Ben simply tells him that he should've stopped looking into Sedona and that he already has something on him as insurance. He then tells him to do what he does best and look for the cop killers, and dismisses him.

Vic walks out and gets in the restroom where David Aceveda is washing his face. Vic teases him with how Gilroy put all the blame on his shoulders, while setting himself to be the hero, and then offers his help to capture him. As they get into the Strike Team clubhouse, Vic briefs Aceveda on Gilroy's real estate scam, but tells him he's been unable to get through the paper trail. Vic tells him all about the Hit-and-Run without telling him he was involved in the murder of Jesus Rosales. Aceveda is reluctant to help, but Vic keeps on pushing him to look for Sedona and tells Aceveda he'll let him bring the shooters when he captures them.

Dutch enters one of the interrogation room where Igal is waiting for him. After dumping a bag full of stolen and cloned cell phones, he tells Igal that one of his phones was used to lure four officers into separate ambushes. Igal then lowers his guard and agrees to help, claiming he had no idea what they would do. He then accepts having sold each of the shooters a cell phone. Claudette then asks him to give up the numbers of the phones he sold them, and Igal complies.

1x13 Tio-vic-help

Vic Mackey asks T.O. Osmond for his help.

Downstairs, Vic and Shane walk out of the clubhouse and meet with Ronnie and Lem. Both of them can't believe what happened to Patrick and Chris, and Vic tells them they will find the shooters. He then asks Lem how's his family, and Lem tells him he rented them a PlayStation. Lem also tells Vic that he should call Corrine because she is not happy. Lem and Ronnie go in a separate car and, as Vic and Shane are walking to theirs, he calls Corrine. She quickly asks him when will they return to their home, but Vic is not sure of what to tell her. As their tempers flare, she hangs up on her. They then drive to a corner where they meet T.O. Osmond, who is supervising his drug dealers. As they pretend to be checking him out, they ask him if he knows anything about the 911 shootings. When he tells Vic that he'll be listening, Vic asks him to get more involved and find out if anyone is bragging about the shootings. T.O. complies and they leave.

1x13 Aceveda-shooter

David Aceveda points his gun at the drive-by shooter.

Back at the Barn, Aceveda is calling the escrow company that managed Sedona's property deals. As he threatens the clerk into submitting the information he needs, Gilroy approaches him and asks for a minute. He apologizes for how he treated him earlier, but then offers something to make amends with him. Aceveda hangs the phone and Gilroy offers to give him Vic, telling him that he has a source that says Vic was involved in the murder of Jesus Rosales. As Aceveda thinks about it, someone drives by the Barn and starts shooting at the building. As everyone inside seeks cover, Aceveda takes his gun and runs outside with other detectives and officers. Patrol cars start driving out to pursue the shooters. As Aceveda runs down the street, several patrol cars manage to encircle the car with the shooters. Aceveda stands beside a car and asks them to surrender their weapons. Officer Ray Carlson tells Aceveda that he has a clean shot at the shooter but David orders him not to shoot. He then speaks to the shooter in Spanish and convinces him to drop his weapon. They are then arrested and brought to the Barn.

As they are being booked, Gilroy asks Aceveda if they are copycats. Aceveda tells him they're Latinos and the shooters are supposed to be black, but he argues that when things like these happen, everybody feels that they can take a shot at police officers. Gilroy then brings up the subject of Mackey again, and Aceveda tells him he's interested.

Mackey approaches T.O.'s corner again, and he tells Vic and Shane that he heard some kid called Sonny was showing off an officer badge and telling of how he scared officers. He also tells Vic that the father of the kid is a heavy drug user and gives them the address. Vic and Shane walk into the apartment and find Sonny's dad injecting drug on several places. They ask him about Sonny but he tells them he doesn't know where he is. However, he tells them he can make him come to the apartment if they give him more drugs.

1x13 8811-lorraine

Danny Sofer and Julien answer a 911 call.

On the street, Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer receive a call of a woman that told 911 she was dying at 8811 Lorraine. They realize that's close to where Rudy was killed, so they make sure they have their vests on. As they check in the houses, they hear a woman call for them. As they enter her room, she tells them she called because her daughter left and she needs to take her arthritis medicine. Julien and Danny look at each other, and then inform her that 911 is supposed to be for emergencies. She then tells them that this is an emergency for her and asks Danny to bring her some water too.

1x13 Sonny-stabbed

Vic Mackey threatens to stab Sonny.

Back at Sonny's apartment, his father answers his call and asks him where is he. He then tells him that his mother returned and that she was a born-again Christian. As he prepares to inject the drug Vic gave him, Vic holds his hand until he's sure Sonny is coming. As he hangs up, he quickly injects the drug as Vic releases his hand appalled. At the Barn, they trace Sonny's call and Claudette and Dutch walk out to get there. As Sonny walks into the apartment looking for his mother, Vic grabs him from behind and pushes him against the wall. He then takes his gun and asks him who the other shooters are. Sonny tells him to "kiss my ass", and Vic finds one of the police badges in his pocket. Vic then takes the pin of the badge out and starts stabbing him as he asks him again. Sonny starts crying and asking his dad for help. He then tells Vic the shooters are Benji and Twanya, and that they were looking for an abandoned building to hide. At this moment, Vic listens to Claudette coming in and he stops stabbing Sonny as they warn the officers that they already got him. As Vic shows Claudette and the officers the badge to tell them he's one of the cop-killers, Sonny tells them he was stabbing him with the badge. Claudette looks at him and tells him he looks fine. She then looks at Vic as he and Shane walk away.

1x13 Sonny-dutch

Sonny points his finger at Dutch.

Sonny is taken to the Barn and into an interrogation room where Dutch and Claudette start questioning him. Dutch asks him why did they kill the officers and Claudette asks him how many more they plan on killing. Sonny makes a gesture of pointing a gun at Dutch and tells them "the more the merrier". Claudette then approaches him and threatens to slap him if he doesn't talk.

Back on the street, a prostitute is bothering T.O. When Vic and the Strike Team stop by, he shoves her aside. Vic then asks him for money and gives it to Ronnie and Lem so they can pay anyone that might know where the other shooters are hiding.

1x13 Sedona-aceveda

Sedona Tellez talking with David Aceveda.

At the escrow company, Sedona Tellez arrives to check on an alleged problem with the closing of one of her properties, but the clerk tells her there's no problem. David Aceveda then walks out and introduces himself to Sedona. They go to her apartment to talk and he asks her about the real estate scheme. She tries to deviate the attention and denies any wrongdoing. When Aceveda brings up Gilroy, she denies knowing him. However, Aceveda tells her that she worked for him at the LAPD for two months. As she lowers her head, Aceveda decides to ask her about the "Hit-and-Run".

Back at the Barn, Dutch is still interrogating Sonny. He and Claudette ask him if he knew Tanya Kramer or Violet Roosevelt, and if the shootings were meant as revenge. He then confesses that Twanya knew the ladies, and he and Benji figured they had to do something about it, blaming the cops for not arriving on time to save them. As he tries to justify what they did, Claudette tells him she doesn't care what he thinks, but that what they did was wrong.

Back at Sedona's apartment, Vic arrives and Aceveda introduces her. Sedona is willing to testify against Gilroy, but Aceveda tells Vic that she also implicates him. He then tells him that Gilroy told Sedona that a cop friend helped him fix the problem with Jesus and that he supposes it was Mackey. Vic tells him he had nothing to do with the murder of Rosales, but Aceveda shows him a search warrant for his house that Gilroy processed. He tells Vic that Gilroy assured him they would find a murder weapon at Vic's house. Vic then realizes what is happening and has to confess to Aceveda that he was present when Gilroy killed Jesus. Aceveda tells Vic that he convinced Gilroy to let him capture the shooters, and then proceed to search his house and arrest him. At this moment, Lem calls Vic and tells him they found where the shooters were hiding.

Vic and Aceveda meet with Shane, Lem, and Ronnie as they prepare to go into the abandoned building. Vic warns them to be careful and they start entering the building. As they split up, they stumble upon several homeless people and addicts. When Vic finds Benji in one of the rooms, Benji reaches for his gun but Vic threatens to shoot at him if he does. He doesn't notice that Twanya is behind him and just as he aims to shoot at him, Aceveda screams at him and shoots Twanya twice in the back killing her, and saving Vic's life. As the others arrive, Aceveda shows them the badge Twanya was wearing on his neck.

Aceveda brings Benji to the Barn arrested, and Gilroy congratulates him. As they go up to Aceveda's office, Gilroy asks him if he's ready to serve the search warrant for Vic's house. However, Aceveda tells him how surprised he is that he's ready to stab him in the back after Vic captured three cop killers and cleaned his "mess". Gilroy is enraged and warns David not to get near this situation. Aceveda then asks him to leave his office and Gilroy tells him he'll find someone to serve the warrant. As he walks out, he tells Aceveda he's fired.

At Mackey's house, Vic has Lem, Shane, and Ronnie, trashing everything looking for the gun that Gilroy planted. Eventually, Lem founds the gun in the air vent at Cassidy's room. Vic checks it and notices it is still loaded.

1x13 Vic-gun-gilroy

Vic Mackey points a gun at Ben Gilroy.

Gilroy arrives at Sedona's apartment to pick her up, but finds Vic instead. When Ben tells him he figured he'll be at his place, Vic shows him the planted gun. Shane appears from behind and forces Ben to sit as he takes out both his guns. Vic then tells him how he was able to put a gun inside his daughter's room. Ben assures him she wouldn't have found it, but Vic tells him that he did find it. Ben then pleads Vic to let him and Sedona off the border and he'll never hear from them again. But Vic tells him he can't let him walk away of this one. As he cocks the gun, Ben screams at him to kill him then. But he tells him that they'll be no different, because he knows all the things he has done and how he has covered them up. Vic keeps on pointing at Ben, but is still unable to shoot. Shane approaches him and offers to do it since he knows they have a history. But Vic doesn't want to and instead hits Ben in the head with the gun.

1x13 Danny-julien-locker

Danny and Julien comfort each other.

1x13 Gilroy-vic

Vic Mackey brings Ben Gilroy arrested.

At the Barn, Danny and Julien meet at the locker room and acknowledge how their pairing has started to work out. Danny then tells him how he refuses to open up or ask her about her life. Julien smiles and tells her they will talk. Danny then offers to walk outside with him. As Danny is walking out of the locker room, Vic and Shane come into the Barn with Ben Gilroy arrested. Aceveda nods at them, and Gilroy sees Sedona sitting at one of the desks. Vic then puts Ben inside the cage as he looks at him. As Vic is walking away, Lem approaches him and tells him that he went by the hotel where his family was staying and they had left.

As Corrine returns to her home and finds it all trashed, she decides to leave. At the same time, David Aceveda gives a press conference where he gives the whereabouts of the capture of the shooters: Sonny and Benji, and the death of the third one, Twanya. A reporter then asks about the arrest of Gilroy and Aceveda tells him how Gilroy had chosen a path that lead to his arrest. As reporters keep asking questions, Claudette is listening in. Dutch then approaches her and tells her they have another murder case. As they walk out, Dutch offers to buy her food on the way.

1x13 Vic-cries

Vic Mackey breaks down crying.

Meanwhile, Vic returns to her home only to find a message from Corrine on the answering machine asking him for time to sort things out. She then pleads for him not to look for them. As Vic tries to cope with Corrine's abandonment, he starts crying and taking his jacket and gun off. As he touches his chest in pain, he drops to his knees and continues to cry. He then throws his badge out of the window and walks out.

1x13 Aceveda-press-finale

David Aceveda answers questions from the press.

At the Barn, Aceveda is still answering questions. The reporter then asks him if this arrests put him in ahead in the run for the City Council, but Aceveda deviates the question and tells him that he is enjoying his status as underdog so far. He then tells the reporters to focus on the events, and how three officers were killed while an Assistant Chief was arrested for profiting through a scam. He suggests everybody that they should start the process of healing now.



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Featured MusicEdit

  • "Trouble" by Coldplay
    • Heard during the last scene when Vic Mackey arrives at his home to realize that Corrine left him.
  • "Nothing's Clear" by Ill Nino

Episode TitleEdit

The title might refer to how everything on the episode has come "full circle" for the characters and Farmington as a whole. Hence, all the things that Vic did throughout the season finally cost him his family.


  • International airdates:
    • Germany: October 27, 2004
    • France: August 8, 2007
  • This episode is the season finale of The Shield's first season.
  • Several crew members watched tapes of previous riots in Los Angeles from 1967 to 1992 to gain further insight into how to realistically film one.
  • There was a deleted scene from this episode which features Officers Danny Sofer and Julien Lowe coming to the aid of a heart attack victim, only to be scared by some kids throwing lightbulbs out of a window.
  • Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell drive in a dark blue Dodge Durango with a 4PS-F333 license plate. The drive-by shooters that attacked the Barn were driving a maroon Fourth Generation Honda Accord with a 3DX-T55 license plate.


  • Sonny: Mama? What are you...?
  • Vic Mackey: Sorry, Sonny. I ain't your mama.

  • David Aceveda: Vic, this is Sedona Tellez.
  • Vic Mackey: I've been looking for you.
  • Sedona Tellez: I've been right here.
  • David Aceveda: She has a lot of interesting things to say about our Assistant Chief.
  • Vic Mackey: So much for loyalty, huh, lady?
  • Sedona Tellez: Ben's in love. I have a future.

  • Ben Gilroy: Just kill me, Vic! Go ahead! But don't act like you're better than me. What things have you done? What've you done, then covered those things up?
  • Vic Mackey: I'm not like you.
  • Ben Gilroy: Not yet.
  • Vic Mackey: Not ever.

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