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Chaco Orozco was the brother of Tigre Orozco.

Before Season 1Edit

Chaco was a member of Los Mags. After two felonies, he got tired of the gang life. He spent three years outside of the gang reporting to Brian Holbert, his parole officer. He also joined "Clean Slate", a program for gang members that want to leave the gang life. Chaco counseled other gang members that wanted to leave their gangs. Chaco also had laser surgery to remove the "Los Mags" tattoo from his chest.

Season 1Edit

After Tigre broke up with Hector Estanza, Chaco promised he would protect her. One night when he was arriving at her house, the Strike Team broke in thinking he was Hector. Chaco ran away because he had a pack of stolen cigarettes that belonged to Hector. As Vic Mackey and Lem pursued him into the backyard, he fell. Lem thought he had a gun and shot at him, injuring him. After they noticed he didn't have a gun, Mackey took a gun from a stash on his trunk and planted on Chaco. When the paramedics were taking him away and Tigre screamed at him, they realized they had shot the wrong guy.

Vic and Lem went to visit Chaco at the hospital and he told them this would be his third strike. He told them that he was out of the gang, and that he knew they had planted the gun on him. Despite this, Vic and the Strike Team managed to steal the planted gun from the evidence van and planted it on Hector Estanza's house, allowing Chaco to be released.


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