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Bob Lindhoff was the husband of Marcy Lindhoff. They were responsible for the murder of Kayla LeSeur.

Before Season 1Edit

In 1993, Bob - who was 35 at the time - had a relationship with an 18 year old girl called Amanda. When he took her away on vacation for two weeks, kidnapping charges were filed against him but were later dropped. He also went to medical school for two years.

Some time after that, Bob met Marcy, who was 17 years younger, and they got married. Still, Bob usually got obsessed with other women and Marcy allowed him to bring them to their bed. Bob got obsessed with their neighbor, Kayla, even making a peephole to look into her bathroom. Bob asked Marcy to talk to her to see if she would agreed to join them, but Kayla wasn't interested. Still, Marcy lured her into their apartment and they kidnapped her. After doing so, she recommended Bob to sever her arm and throw it in a dumpster.

Season 2Edit

When Detective Dutch Wagenbach started working the case of the disappearance of Kayla LeSeur, he visited Bob and Marcy Lindhoff, who were Kayla's neighbors. When he questioned them, both of them claimed having seen someone outside Kayla's apartment. Dutch asked them to stop by the Barn to see if they could identify the person. At the Barn, they managed to describe him and have a sketch of the suspect made. After they were finished, they left.

After they returned, they started packing with the intention to leave. They also put Kayla on the trunk of their car with Bob beating her to subdue her. As they were driving out, Dutch saw them and asked them if they could get back to the Barn to identify the suspect. Dutch suspected that Bob was a sadomasochistic and controlling husband, so he tried to use his history of abuse of minors to make him confess. However, he denied everything eventually resulting in Dutch doubting his culpability.

When a call was received about a homeless guy threatening people with a "machete", Dutch thought it was the Kayla's kidnapper, so he had Bob and Marcy released. Bob and Marcy tried to flee the state, but were eventually intercepted by the police after they found evidence against them in their apartment. After Dutch and Claudette found Kayla's dead body in the trunk, Bob admitted everything had been Marcy's idea.

Despite this, the District Attorney agreed to give Marcy only 8 years in exchange for his testimony against Bob.


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