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Barney Plotkin was a company messenger.

Before Season 2Edit

Parking enforcement officer Helen Zamorski had written Barney 34 parking tickets during the course of seven months. The amount of those tickets summed to $1,386 which Barney was supposed to pay from his pocket.

Season 2Edit

One morning, at around 9:30am, Barney arrived somewhere when Helen went to give him a parking ticket. When Barney claimed that his tire was only three inches in the red zone, she only laughed and gave him the ticket. Some time later, Barney found her and shot her three times with a gun. After that, he also smashed her electronic ticket book. He then fled the scene.

After some time, Barney was taken to the Barn when Detective Dutch Wagenbach asked for a list of outstanding parking offenders that Helen Zamorski had dealt with. Since Barney's sum of tickets was so huge, Dutch questioned him to see if he had shot her. When he asked him where he was at the time of the crime, he claimed he was in traffic en route to LAX. Dutch also asked him if he had fired a gun that day. Barney said he hadn't and Dutch asked him if he would agree to subject himself to a gunshot residue test. Barney agreed and took the test.

After some time, Officer Ray Carlson brought Dutch the results of the tests. Barney's results were positive so Dutch went and took him to an interrogation room upstairs. Dutch then told him about the test and assured him he would have a warrant for his car and home to find the gun he had used. At this moment, Barney broke and confessed that he had shot Helen. He told Dutch that he had asked her nicely for a chance, but she only laughed at him. Dutch then asked him why did he agree to take the test, if he knew he had fired a gun. Barney told him that he would've looked guilty if he didn't agree and he figured the test was unreliable since it was a government test.


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