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Armin Chorekian was an associate in the Armenian Mafia and one of the men in charge of the Armenian Money Train. He was in charge of all the preparations at the Money Train site. After the Strike Team robbed the Money Train, he went to the Barn to ask for protection along with his mother, his sister, and her children.

Season 2Edit

After the Armenian Money Train operation was moved from 9210 Escovida, Armin started making calls to associates to let them know of the changes in schedule. While he did so, he didn't realize that he was being followed by Detectives Shane Vendrell and Curtis Lemansky.

As he was driving to the place of the operation, he was hit at a red light by someone. As he complained to the guy for damaging his new car, he saw Lem and Shane behind them and approached them to see if they could serve as witness for the insurance. Reluctantly, Shane agreed and told him his name was "Cletus Van Damme". After the incident, he continued to the Money Train site, but Lem and Shane were unable to follow him anymore.

When Chorekian realized that some of the Armenians were stealing money from their operation, he contacted an Armenian hitman who went to the Money Train site and killed two of the thieves. Shortly after the hitman left, the Strike Team successfully robbed the Money Train.

Before Season 3Edit

Armin went to deal with the incident of his small accident. Luckily, the man responsible paid him so he didn't have to contact Shane or Lem.

Season 3Edit


Armin asks Dutch for protection for his family.

After the Strike Team robbed the Money Train, Armin found out that some of the leaders of the Armenian Mafia had ordered hits on whoever was implicated. He also noticed that one of their hitmen, Lyor Slavok, was following him. Afraid that they might kill him or his family, he went to the Barn to ask for protection. As he was in the Barn, he saw Lem and recognized him as one of the men that saw him in the accident the day of the Money Train. He approached him and told him what had happened with the accident, but Lem tried to ignore him. Armin told him he didn't know he was a cop, but Lem told him that he was off-duty that day.

Armin then started testifying about the events on the Money Train and told Detective Dutch Wagenbach that the man killing people and chopping their feet was probably Lyor Slavok, a soldier of Margos Dezerian. After he offered his testimony, the police handed Armin to the federal authorities, who took him to a Witness Protection Program.


Season 2

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Season 3

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