Aramis Leyva
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Aramis Leyva
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Diagur Leyva - Cousin


Aramis Leyva was the cousin of drug dealer Diagur Leyva.

Season 3 Edit

Vic Mackey and the Strike Team traveled to Diagur's house to tell him about the cash from the Money Train and that Margos Dezerian was getting wind of the incident, when he found him and several other Byz Lats sitting around candles with scars on their faces. Vic asked Diagur who they were mourning and he responded by saying his cousin Aramis. Margos was going on a vendetta and decided to hunt for any contacts he found, starting with Aramis. He tortured him, cutting off his fingers one by one until he confessed what happened to the money. When Margos knew he had nothing to do with the Money Train, he stabbed him in the neck and killed him.

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