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Angie Stubbs was a 15 year old CI that Curtis Lemansky helped in the Juvenile Division.

Season 4Edit

Angie arrived at the Barn with Lem to serve as witness on one of Antwon Mitchell's major drug operations. Detective Claudette Wyms and the Strike Team took her information and offered her help when she told them that her mother was a heroin addict. When they went to her house, her mother, still drug induced, told the team about Mitchell's drug house's whereabouts, leading them to spoil the operation.

Angie disappeared later when she was captured by Antwon Mitchell. He then took her into a warehouse where he met Shane Vendrell and Army Renta. After knocking them down and taking their weapons, Mitchell told them he knew that Angie had told the Strike Team about his operation. He then took Shane's identification and put it in Angie's pocket and shot her four times using both their guns to frame them.

The police later found her body after Antwon's people gave them the tip, hoping it would be Shane's downfall, but Vic and Shane had already shown Captain Rawling the tape where Antwon reveals he'd done the killing to frame Shane.


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