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Alex Eznik was one of the leaders of the Armenian Mafia in Farmington. He ran the Zeroun family. Eznik was also the owner of several businesses (a jewelry, a dance club), most of which served as front for his illegal operations. He also ran a chop shop on Newman, and had a cigarette storage on 4103 Merrick. Eznik also had knowledge of the Armenian Money Train.

Season 2Edit

When Hrach stole from one of Eznik's jewelry, Eznik ordered his men to kill him. However, Detective Vic Mackey and Shane Vendrell visited his club and offered themselves for the mission. Reluctant at first, Alex agreed with them. To prove his loyalty, Vic told him that there was a raid planned for that afternoon on one of his business. This gave Alex enough time to clean everything. After that, he met with Vic and agreed to let him get rid of Hrach. A few hours later, Vic called Alex to inform him that they had killed Hrach. Alex and his top man, Hagop, went to the motel where the body was and met with Mackey and Shane there. Not knowing that the body wasn't of Hrach, Eznik was convinced anyway.

Alex returned to his club with Vic and Shane, where Vic offered to inform him of future raids on other businesses. Eznik then sent Hagop to the Barn with Vic to corroborate the addresses of their business with potential raids. In exchange for Hagop, Alex asked Vic to leave Shane with him. As Vic left, Shane started playing cards with Eznik and his men. Having given Vic a certain amount of time, Eznik signaled one of his men to kill Shane. After he got into the bathroom, the police led by Vic Mackey broke in and arrested everyone.

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