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Alene Carmichael was a single mother that lived in Farmington. She had two sons, one of them called Cassius. She also was Zayed Al-Thani's neighbor.

Season 2Edit

One day, Alene called the police when she suspected that her neighbor, Zayed, could be a terrorist. When Officers Julien Lowe and Danny Sofer arrived, she told them that she was worried for her sons and that they could smell something like chemicals coming from Zayed's house. As Julien and Danny went to check on Zayed, she remained close with her dog to see what happened. When the officers verified that nothing was wrong, and that the smell was merely pickled fish, they told Alene there was nothing to worry about.

Some time later, Alene's dog ripped Zayed's praying mat. When the officers arrived again, she screamed at Zayed that he shouldn't leave it outside if it was "so sacred". As they bickered, Julien got angry and screamed at them for their petty arguments. He then pointed out to Alene how they had investigated her complaint and found that nothing was wrong, so she shouldn't be worried anymore. Finally, he instructed them to deal with their issues and not bother them anymore.

Later that night, Alene hung an American flag in the window of Zayed's house. When Zayed tried to take it down, they started bickering again until Officers Julien and Sofer arrived again. As they insulted each other, Alene came out with a knife and Julien quickly held her and took her inside her home. In the meantime, Zayed came out of his house with a gun resulting in Danny shooting him. When Alene saw what had happened, she screamed at his wife "Where's your Allah now?". Julien took her back inside and she was eventually arrested.


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