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Ade Achebe
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Idisa Okoye - Roommate


Ade Achebe was a Nigerian thug and the roommate of Idisa Okoye. He was also one of the men who murdered Carl Miller and Wayne Haimes.

Season 4Edit

Ade Achebe and Idisa Okoye were hired by Andrei Tretiak to kill Carl and Scooby while Antwon was away in Las Vegas. Both of them followed Carl and Scooby to an apartment. After they came out, they said they heard a child inside the sewers screaming for help and they looked down to see what was going on. While Idisa ambushed Scooby by stabbing him in the back of the neck, Achebe was having trouble taking care of Carl. Both of them stabbed Carl multiple times until he finally died. Idisa realized that Scooby was still alive, so he went over and slit his throat. They later carried their bodies over to the house that was "stolen" by the police.

After the killings, Achebe was killed by Russians in order to prevent him from talking to the police.


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