2x07 Money Train

Vic and Shane check out the place.

9210 Escovida was the address where the Armenian Money Train originally operated in Los Angeles.

Season 2Edit

Detective Vic Mackey pretended to cooperate with the Armenian Mafia to bring down their leader Alex Eznik. As part of his plan, he brought Eznik's top man, Hagop, to the Barn under the pretension that they would check if there were raids planned for any of Eznik's businesses. This was one of the addresses that Hagop gave Vic to check. That night, they went to check out the place and after seeing all the money they were moving, decided not to make a raid but instead rip the Armenians themselves to keep the money.

Some days later, the Strike Team was at the place, rehearsing their raid. Ronnie Gardocki arrived late after thinking he was being followed. The team continued to rehearse and coordinate the hit on the Money Train, considering all the risks involved in the specific location.

Two months after they spotted the place, the Strike Team found out that the Armenians had changed the site of the operation to an unknown location.


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