Officers Julien Lowe and Tommy Hisk intervene with Esteban at 1949 Coronado.

1949 Coronado was an address in Farmington.

Season 3Edit

Raymond Montes met with Calva on 1949 Coronado to try to convince him to return to the Byz Lats gang. Meanwhile, Esteban arrived at the place and from a balcony, shot at Calva's car with an MP5. After realizing, he had killed his best friend Raymond, as well, he started to cry. Officers Julien Lowe and Tommy Hisk arrived and found him on the curb. They then took him to the Barn for questioning.

The next day, a technician in crime scene reconstruction set up the patterns of bullets for the detectives to see. Detectives Dutch Wagenbach and Claudette Wyms arrived and examined the scene. They then told the technician to clean everything.


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